Conditions of Stay

You must read and abide by these rules for your own safety and others around you

  1. The lighting of open fires is strictly prohibited anywhere on site.
  2. Noise - please consider other guests and keep radios, TVs, CDs, barking dogs to a minimum, especially after 10 PM.
  3. Instant BBQ may only be used if placed on a suitable stand to prevent scorch slabs are available from the house. No wood to be put on barbecues.
  4. Fire regulations - in order to comply with fire regulations All Main pitches are marked with a number and groups to space tents so as to stop a fire spreading.
  5. The toilet area is a non-smoking area.
  6. Fire extinguishers are situated around the outside of the site. There is also one on the end of the toilet block.
  7. All dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and it is your responsibility to clean up after them.
  8. All sites to be vacated by 11.30am on the morning of departure unless prior arrangement.
  9. All waste to be put directly into the bins provided at the end of the campsite near to the entrance.
  10. The Elson point is situated behind the toilet block it is the second manhole the one with handles.
  11. Parents are responsible for children at all times and although they are welcome to play in the stream, please ensure no child paddles or move stones in the Ford at the site entrance.
  12. Please do not make swings for children. The bank is now out of bounds.
  13. No vehicle should exceed 5 mph, anywhere on the site. This is to ensure child safety on the site at all times.
  14. All property left on the site is done so entirely at your own risk. The management reserve the right to move any property, where felt necessary. All members of your party are responsible for any damage or injury caused to third parties or their property.
  15. The site and all facilities are used entirely at the guests own risk. We will not accept liability in respect of any person or property.
  16. Campers and Caravaners must book in at the house on arrival before pitching a tents or parking a Caravan .
  17. Payment - all fees must be paid on arrival, with no refunds. Long stays must be paid for a week at the time in advance. 
  18. All bookings are accepted on the strict understanding that the terms and conditions have been read thoroughly and are agreeable. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the site as well as the right to evict any person and property who in our opinion is not suitable to the site or whose behaviour we consider to be detrimental in the interests of our other guests without stipulating a reason. In such cases refunds will not be given.
  19. A minimum charge of three nights for all bank holidays.
  20. It is expected that all visitors will have read and understood these conditions.

How to pitch your Caravan/Van/Tent

Please see below the correct pitching process. It is very important that these guidelines are followed in order to save you from having to re-pitch after setup if in the wrong position.

Pitch Setup